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Synthetic Hair


Halogen Free








Soft Touch


Hair-Like Feel

Traditional flame retardants have increasingly come under scrutiny for being toxic to humans. Yet to protect the wearer from the unexpected, flame retardants are a necessary ingredient in synthetic hair.

Nofia halogen free polymeric flame retardants have the most favorable toxicological profiles, and unlike competitive liquid and powder-based flame retardants that both tend to migrate out of the plastic over time, Nofia flame retardants stay locked into their host product and will not migrate out.

Nofia FRs’ unique, non-toxic and high-performance properties are helping manufacturers to revolutionize the synthetic hair industry.

Manufacturing Benefits

  • Melt processable and can be dry blended with the base fiber-polymer at the hopper

  • Deliver FR performance at relatively low loadings

  • Enable the fiber producer to flame retard its own fibers using neat grades polyesters

  • Do not deteriorate fiber properties

  • Do not migrate out of the fibers over time

  • Easily blended with human hair; low specific gravity

End-User Benefits

  • Safe and non-toxic

  • Easy to curl

  • Tangle-free performance

  • Soft

  • Human hair-like touch and feel


  • Full wigs

  • Hair extensions / weaves

  • Hair pieces

Target Polymer Systems

  • PET

  • PTT

  • PET/PBT Blends


Nofia HM1100 →

Standard Compliance

  • 3 seconds burning test

FRX Innovations synthetic hair
FRX Innovations synthetic hair

See why Nofia FRs are your one solution for inherent flame retardant polyester products.

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