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Functionable. Sustainable. Safe. 

When it comes to safety in the home, functional fabrics have never been more important. Nofia flame retardants offer FR+ value-added benefits from processing through final use.

To begin, Nofia materials are melt processable with the flexibility to make fibers at various phosphor contents from 3,000ppm to more than 25,000ppm without other flame retardant addition. Adding Nofia flame retardants after the polymerization significantly simplifies manufacturing and reduces waste. Additionally, Nofia materials not only deliver excellent flame retardancy performance at relatively low loadings but Nofia materials also enhance the spinning process because its unique chemistry structure increases the fiber’s mechanical performance.

For OEMs and end-users looking for increased recyclable content, Nofia additives have a unique chain extension effect on the PET polymer chain. Thus for the first time, a higher percentage of recycled PET feedstock can be used for flame retardant applications from home textile to automotive.

Additionally, because Nofia products are a polymeric additive, the material will not migrate out of the fibers over time, enabling for safe and sustainable flame retardant textiles.


  • Polymeric, non halogenated flame retardant

  • Permanent flame retardant that will not migrate from host product

  • Melt Processable; can be added down-stream of PET reactor.

  • Flexibility to produce fibers with phosphor content up to 25,000 PPM of P with one production line; Built-in P-monomers are limited to 6,500 PPM of P

  • Flexibility of base feedstock (e.g. use virgin PET, recycle PET or PTT, PLA) 

  • Higher mechanical performance; better downstream weaving process efficiency

  • Improved whiteness of fiber


  • Drapes

  • Decorative fabrics

  • Upholstery fabrics

  • Vertical blinds

  • Roller blinds

  • Sliding panels

  • Wall coverings

Target Polymer Systems

  • PET

  • PTT

  • PET/PBT Blends


Nofia HM1100 →


Standard Compliance

  • NF P92-503 - 507, M1

  • ASTM E648 (Radiant Panel), Class I

  • NFPA 701

  • EN 1101, 1102, 13772, 13773 Class I

  • EN597 part 1, and 2

  • MVSS 302

  • FAR 25.853

  • FTP Code 2010, Res.

  • MSC.307(88), Annex 1, Part 5 - 8

  • ISO6940 / 6941 

FRX Innovations Fibers and Textiles
FRX Innovations Fibers and Textiles

See why Nofia FRs are your one solution for inherent flame retardant polyester products.

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