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Reactive Oligomers

Nofia® OL1001, Nofia® OL3001

Nofia® OL1001 and Nofia OL3001 Oligomers are low molecular weight, reactive flame retardant additives. The oligomers are phosphorus based additives with phenolic end groups suitable for flame retarding thermoset resins, such as unsaturated polyesters, epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea. They are transparent and highly soluble in the typical solvents used in thermoset resin processing.


  • Contains reactive end groups for incorporation into resins

  • Selection of molecular weights to optimize product properties

  • Highly soluble in solvents used for thermoset processing

  • Achieves solid flame retardant performance: UL-94 V0 rating

Target Polymer Systems

  • Unsaturated Polyesters

  • Epoxy

  • Polyurethane and Polyurea


  • Decorative laminates

  • Wall panels

  • Copper clad laminates for printed circuit boards

  • Protective sheets and coatings

This product and its use is covered by the following granted patents: Patent Nos. CN103384673, CN103,384,674, CN104194000, EP2655383, EP2655384, EP2816048, IL226,937, IL227,106, IL232,716, JP05,806,333, JP05,808,253, JP05,819,983, JP05908945, KR1,419,694, KR1,424,525, KR1,489,176, TW460,212, TW472,558, TW475,052, US8,530,044, US8,563,638, US8,779,041

Nofia OL1001
Data Sheet below:

Nofia OL3001
Data Sheet below:

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