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Safer World. Cleaner Future.

FRX Innovations is the parent company of FRX Polymers, a globally recognized leader in environmentally sustainable flame retardant solutions. Supported by $120 million in investment, we are disrupting the $62 billion-dollar flame retardant industry with our unique, patented flame retardant technology, Nofia®.


We are an eco-friendly alternative to toxic additives currently found in a number of consumer, commercial and industrial products. The company debuted on the TSX-V in 2022, and are actively increasing our presence in the fast-growing green chemistry market while pursuing a strategy of becoming the leading  eco-friendly non-halogenated flame retardant company.


FRX to benefit from the recent announcement by the European Union to regulate the chemical TPP

Why Invest


  • Multiple Large Addressable Markets

  • Global FR Plastics & Additives Market $62B (by 2027)*

  • Growing Demand for Green Solutions

  • Regulatory & Independent 3rd-party Tailwinds

*Emergen Research 2022


  • Unique IP

  • Technical Innovation

  • 70+ Active & Pending Patents

  • Growing Number of Applications

  • Global Sustainability & Green Certifications


  • Recognized Industry Leader

  • Strong Industry Partnerships

  • Blue-Chip Global Customer Base

  • Worldwide Distribution

  • State-of-the-art  Plant in Belgium


  • Award-winning Global Team

  • Operational Expertise

  • Dynamic Board of Directors

  • Robust R&D

  • Market Savvy 

  • ESG is our DNA


Green flame retardants that are polymeric and halogen-free are experiencing huge growth in market size and value due to their safety profile for humans and the environment. 

Growth is being driven by increasing government and voluntary 3rd-party regulations for fire safety in end-use industries like building & construction, automotive, and electronics that have stringent fire safety standards to which manufacturers must adhere. In addition, the growing use of plastic in every sector is further boosting the market for flame retardants. Over the years, environmental and health concerns over conventional flame retardants such as brominated and chlorinated flame retardants has propelled the demand for alternatives that are more environment friendly including FRXI's Nofia® which delivers chemical properties beyond flame retardancy. 


The Problem with Halogenated Flame Retardants

Halogenated flame retardants are a serious concern to human health and the environment. 

Used to meet flammability standards in commercial and consumer products, people are exposed to toxic flame retardants in their homes, workplaces, and cars as well as on planes, trains and in public spaces. Absorbed into the human body through diet and household dust, these chemicals can build up (bio-accumulate) over time in people and animals which can cause adverse health effects. These chemicals can be found in everyday products such as: 

  • Electronics and Electrical Devices - computers, laptops, phones, televisions, household appliances, and wires and cables

  • Consumer Products - wigs and hair extensions, children’s clothes, baby accessories and strollers, and many other products

  • Furnishings - foam, upholstery, synthetic leather, mattresses, carpets, curtains, and fabric blinds

  • Building and Construction Materials - electrical wires and cables, and insulation materials, such as polystyrene and polyurethane insulation foams

  • Transportation Products - seats, seat covers and fillings, bumpers, overhead compartments, and other parts of automobiles, airplanes, and trains.

Regulatory Headwinds

The E.U, Canada, and the U.S. and about a dozen U.S. states, as well as the largest global brands have limited or banned the use of some of these chemicals in their products.

Our Eco-friendly Solution

FRX Polymers Nofia® is an award-winning sustainable solution with multiple applications in fast-growing markets. Our unique, patented halogen-free polymeric flame retardant sold under the brand name, Nofia®, is used in a wide range of polymer systems such as polyesters, polycarbonate and its blends, polyurethane, and epoxies. As a non-migrating flame retardant additive, Nofia® delivers exceptional fire protection and has the highest limited oxygen index measured for any thermoplastic material, highlighting its flame retardant functionality. Nofia® technology also delivers many properties beyond flame retardancy, making it a sought-after, high-value solution for a variety of global OEMs and retailers in fast-growing commercial and industrial markets.

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