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Nofia® CO3000 Nofia® CO6000

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FRX Polymers’ Nofia® copolymers are polyphosphonate-co-carbonates. A range of compositions can be produced from high to low phosphonate content. The copolymers have good impact resistance and glass transition temperatures while maintaining high melt flow and a high limiting oxygen index.


  • UL94 V0 at 0.4 mm while achieving:

    • Full Transparency

    • High Melt Flow

    • Toughness comparable to PC at thicknesses < 2mm

Target Polymer Systems

  • PC

  • PC blends


  • Housings

  • Sheets

  • Fibers

  • Lighting

This product and its use is covered by the following granted patents: Patent Nos. CN101506310, CN101321804, CN102675618, CN103282405, EP1,979,395, EP1,919,977, EP2,173,801, JP05,452,810, JP05,603,238, JP05,714,800, JP05,808,253, JP05964307, JP06023123, KR1,415,630, KR1,510,085, RU2,575,339, TW473,857, US7,645,850, US7,666,932, US7,838,604, US8,093,320, US8,389,664, US8,415,438, US8,648,163, US8,975,367, US9,290,653

Nofia CO3000
Data Sheet below:

Nofia CO6000
Data Sheet below:

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