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Electrical & Electronics

Flame retardants provide an important layer of fire protection around a diverse group of electrical and electronic devices used in our daily lives. For example, common electrical and electronic appliances used in our homes and offices that contain flame retardants as a protective measure include: computers, mobile phones, TVs, electrical connectors, printed circuit boards, and various cables.

However, our close proximity to and increased usage of these devices has raised health and safety concerns by governmental and independent groups about the use of traditional halogen-containing flame retardant additives, and today there is strong pressure for the global elimination of halogen-containing FRs.

In response, FRX Polymers has developed a range of Nofia materials as the only polymeric, halogen free flame retardants bring a safe and sustainable FR solution to the plastics industry. Through FRX Polymers’ research, development, and collaboration with global industry leaders, Nofia solutions achieve the highest flame retardancy standards in addition to bringing valuable manufacturing and design benefits such as higher performance and stronger reliability.

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