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Technical Publications

FRX Polymers is the world’s only producer of halogen free, polymeric flame retardants that do not migrate out of your plastics. Commercialized under the brand name Nofia flame retardants, the polymers can be used as a FR additive for plastics in multiple applications including automotive interiors, electronic devices, and transparent FR sheets. Additionally, Nofia materials delives FR performance plus additional unique benefits to polyesters, polycarbonate (PC) blends, (thermoplastic) polyurethanes, epoxies, and unsaturated polyesters.

The FRX Polymers team of Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Application Scientists, and Market Specialists bring together decades of industry training and experience to our customers. See how our advancements for green, non-halogenated flame retardants support product optimization and innovation for FRX Polymers customers, from textile manufacturing to building and construction.

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