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FRX Innovations strives to be a progressive global citizen, future proofing our business for a healthier and safer today and tomorrow. As a company, we remain firmly grounded in our purpose, core values and our mission of bringing sustainable green flame retardant solutions to the world. As a true collaborative partner to our global customers, we are focused on creating innovative solutions that are both good for the planet and people.  

We work hard to reinforce the fundamental sustainability tenets of our business, across the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of our enterprise. In doing so, we cultivate our capacity to strategically manage uncertainty and vulnerability without losing sight of our very important mission. We are executing against our business strategy that strives to balance short-term need for financial gains with a longer-term awareness of our impact on the world, including management, workers, and staff; the communities’ and residents in which we operate, and the natural environment. We believe its in our best interests to make sure shareholders’ interests are aligned with those of the community, and our customers at large.

Our near-term ESG Goals:

  1. Enhance workplace diversity, inclusion and equality.

  2. Maintain 100% atom efficiency and Zero Waste from our factory.

  3. Achieve annual goal of +95% quality-one production on our largest volume products.

  4. Attain self-sufficiency in electricity by 2030 in our Antwerp plant.

Our Initiatives

Near Zero Waste.

Our Antwerp plant operates at near 100% atom efficiency.  Translated into layman terms. We have no production waster, the very small amount of material not sold as regular commercial product are sold to recycle companies.  Even the solvents from the lab and old oils from machine is collected by a recycling company.  

  • Water Management. All rain water is captured and recycled into in our factory’s toilets.

  • Air Quality. Air emissions are minimized using carbon filters which capture hydrocarbons in our spent nitrogen keeping organic volatiles well under our operating permit limit.


Nofia® flame retardants are designed to have a long life in the products they are used in, and after such a long life they are suitable for recycling along with the host polymer. Nofia® flame retardants are uniquely suited for use in recycled polyester (pop bottles) for use in fibers, foam, molded and extruded products, allowing greater value to be added to the recycled streams such as polyester and thus  supporting the goal of improving the circular economy of plastics.


With operations in North America, Europe and Asia, we leverage gender, age and cultural diversity throughout our enterprise and have built a work environment that supports all employees.

Equity & Inclusion.

Our employees represent 10 different countries; females hold executive level positions; as well as a seat on our Board of Directors, which represents diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise.


Our board of directors represent independent and diverse perspectives; each of whom is highly experienced and accomplished. Acting in the best interests of all our shareholders, they provide strategic oversight to myriad aspects of our operations, ensuring we are moving closer to our corporate goals.


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