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Science & Sustainability

Our Commitment to Sustainable Specialty Chemistry 

Sustainability chemistry is all about shaping a safe, healthy future. As the world’s premier polymeric, halogen-free flame retardant provider, we manage all our operations, products and services with the highest standards, and work everyday to steer industry and stakeholder groups toward a safer future. For us, sustainability is an abundant source of organizational and technological innovations that yield both bottom-line and top-line returns for all of us.

Our passion for sustainable chemistry is deeply rooted in our beginnings. The inventor of Nofia® flame retardants, was Dr. Dieter Freitag, the Chief Technology Officer for FRX Polymers. A 33-year veteran of Bayer AG, Dr. Freitag invented and brought to the market with his team, the polycarbonate compact disc grade, as well as the high heat PC (APEC HT®). At Bayer, he held the positions of Sr. VP, Materials Research and Global Director, and Plastics Research and Development. The author of 430 patents, he held an honorary doctorate degree, and was awarded both the Otto Bayer and Herman F. Mark Medals of Merit. In 2006, Dr. Freitag was inducted into the American Plastics Hall of Fame. Dr. Freitag received his Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Frankfurt where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. After he retired from FRX Polymers in 2009, he continued as a consultant on technical and patent related matters until his passing in May 2014. 


Today, our team of scientists and engineers are actively advancing sustainable solutions around the globle with a committment to innovation and industry leadership.



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