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FRX Polymers' Nofia non-halogenated flame retardants offer a safe and sustainable FR solution to a range of products and applications.


Breakthrough technology to simplify flame retardant PET fiber production, reduce waste, and enable market expansion.

Fibers and Textiles


Next generation materials for next generation devices.

Electrical and Electronics


Keeping our partners and end-users moving forward with safe, sustainable solutions.



Advancing to new heights with specialty chemicals engineered to meeting the industry's stringent requirements.

Building and Construction


Enabling Our Partners to Achieve More 

At FRX Polymers, we’re continuing to develop new products and solutions to meet our customers’ growing needs. Today, our Nofia range of products have been recognized by more than 250 global customers as being an innovative, eco-friendly, and permanent flame retarding solution while simultaneously delivering a unique balance of properties.

In fibre markets, melt processable Nofia flame retardants simplify FR polyester (PET) fibre production by significantly reducing waste, facilitating the flexibility to produce up to 25,000 ppm phosphorus content products on one production line, and enabling customers to use recycle PET feedstocks for various applications.

In electrical and electronic markets, we enable products to meet stringent fire safety standards while achieving excellent electrical and mechanical performance at competitive system cost.

In building construction markets, Nofia materials enable products to meet global building standards while providing lightweight, sustainable, and highly reliable solutions that protect lives and assets.

And in transportation markets, automotive products containing Nofia FR additives can meet strict thermal stability and hydrolytic stability requirements. In the mass transit, customers are developing breakthrough solutions at low costs while meeting the most stringent fire, smoke and toxicity standards.

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