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Industrial Textiles


Halogen Free




Recycled PET



Minimum Waste



Much of the demand for technical textiles derives from industries including automotive, construction, healthcare, agriculture, and sports equipment/sportswear where textile performance and functional properties must be maintained.

As the environmental protection regulations and fire safety codes become more stringent in these industries, pressure is being placed on traditional, small molecule flame retardant additives that are no longer able to meet the high performance requirements because of their negative impact on the polymer chain of the host polymers.

With the launch of Nofia flame retardants, manufactures and OEMs are able to meet the stringent FR standards and maintain strong mechanical features. Additionally, the unique change extension effect of Nofia polymeric FR enables partners to increase the usage of recycle feedstock. By repairing the polymeric structure of recycled feedstock and strengthening the once impure content, the automotive, mass transit, and building industries are able to meet growing public and industry demand for recycled materials without the need for extra processing or additives.

Through our continued research and development, the FRX Polymers team is working to change the world of industrial textiles and opening up new opportunities for our partners.


  • Polymeric, non-halogenated flame retardant

  • Permanent flame retardant that will not migrate from host product

  • Melt Processable; can be added down-stream of PET reactor.

  • Flexibility to produce fibers with phosphor content up to 25,000 PPM of P with one production line; Built-in P-monomers are limited to 6,500 PPM of P

  • Flexibility of base feedstock (e.g. use virgin PET, recycle PET or PTT, PLA) 

  • Higher mechanical performance; better downstream weaving process efficiency

  • Improved whiteness of fiber


  • High tenacity fiber (cords, hoses, belts, rope, cordage)

  • Automotive (head liners, interior lining, upholstery, convertible tops)

  • Non-woven

  • Other industrial (braiding, brushes, sewing thread, substrate fabric)

Target Polymer Systems

  • PET

  • PTT

  • PET/PBT Blends

  • PLA


Nofia HM1100 →

Standard Compliance

  • NF P92-503 - 507, M1

  • ASTM E648 (Radiant Panel), Class I

  • NFPA 701

  • EN 1101, 1102, 13772, 13773 Class I

  • EN597 part 1, and 2

  • MVSS 302

  • FAR 25.853

  • FTP Code 2010, Res.

  • MSC.307(88), Annex 1, Part 5 - 8

  • ISO6940 / 6941 

FRX Innovations building and construction
FRX Innovations building and construction

See why Nofia FRs are your one solution for inherent flame retardant polyester products.

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