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Copper Clad Laminates


Halogen Free




Excellent Dielectric Properties 

Increased Toughness 


Moisture Resistant


Heat Resistant

As the worldwide demand for electrical and electronic devices continues to grow at a rapid pace, companies and brands struggle to find new ways to innovative while reducing costs to remain competitive.

New technologies are focused around greater efficiency, reduced component size, and more green or sustainable manufacturing processes and products.

As results, halogen free laminates are one of the fastest growing segments of the laminates market. Yet traditional halogen-free flame retardants are not equipped to adequately meet the OEM and users’ performance requirements.

Therefore, today’s most innovative companies are turning to FRX Polymers’ range of Nofia flame retardants to provide the unique combination of halogen free FR with high performance capabilities that meet stringent electrical and mechanical requirements. Additionally, Nofia solutions are reactive and compatible with the epoxy matrix and will not migrate out over time, providing a perfect solution for green electronics manufacturing.


  • Halogen free

  • Non-migrating

  • Excellent dielectric properties: low Dk (3.5) and Df (<0.007)

  • Dimensional stability: low coefficient of thermal expansion

  • Ability to meet higher power consumption and thermal management requirements

    • Increased thermal stability: Td>400C

  • Proven reliability

    • Excellent pressure cooker test and CAF test results

    • Higher peel strength, enables low coefficient of thermal expansion

    • Increased toughness (modulus)

    • Improved moisture and heat resistance

    • Excellent CAF performance


  • High Density Interconnect

  • High speed server, data storage and other network equipments

  • Mobile devices

  • Potential 5G device solution

Target Polymer Systems

  • Epoxy

  • Poly (p-phenylene oxide) or poly (p-phenylene ether) (PPE)


Nofia OL3001 →

Standard Compliance

  • UL94 V0/0.8mm

  • Various Mechanical and Environmental Reliability Tests

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