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Best Buy Commits to Eco-friendly Television Displays

Best Buy announced that starting January 2022, newly designed models of Best Buy’s Exclusive Brand (ExB) televisions will adhere to the European Union’s eco-friendly display enclosure requirements outlined in Commission Regulation 2019/2021. Best Buy's goal is designed to promote a safer circular economy and will better support the recycling of plastics.

Through its chemical management program, Best Buy addresses the human health and environmental risks in the following ways:

  • Regulatory compliance. Comprehensive management systems ensure the products we sell comply with all applicable chemical regulations.

  • Beyond compliance restrictions. Restricted Substances List (RSL) constrains the use of CHCs in its products and packaging, going beyond what is required by regulations.

  • Goals. Publicly share quantifiable goals to reduce or eliminate chemicals in our products and packaging.

  • Transparency. Report progress toward our goals in our annual ESG report, available on the Best Buy Corporate Responsibility website.

  • Supplier monitoring and corrective action. Participate in the Responsible Business Alliance supplier audit program to monitor the safe use of chemicals by its suppliers and require them to correct any identified gaps.

  • Trade organization participation. Support innovation in green chemistry and product chemical disclosure through active membership on the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3) and our participation on their Retail Leadership Committee.

Read the full press release.

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