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Nofia® CO6010-EX has achieved the SAFER designation

Feb 6, 2023

February 5, 2023: FRX Innovations, Inc. - FRX Polymers, Inc. is meeting the demand for PFAS and Halogen-free flame retardants with proven and sustainable alternatives verified as SAFER™ through ChemFORWARD's rigorous third-party assessment process.

Nofia® CO6010-EX has achieved the SAFER designation, joining already verified alternatives Nofia HM1100, Nofia HM7000, Nofia CO6000. "There is an increased sense of urgency, driven by recent legislation, to design out these persistent organic pollutants and we are scaling to meet the demand,” said Marc-Andre Lebel, CEO of FRX Innovations. Nofia CO6010-EX is an environmentally-sustainable, polyphosphonate-based flame retardant suitable for polycarbonate, and PC blends, without using brominated flame retardants or the PFAS chemical potassium perfluoro-butyl sulfonate and is recommended for use in electronic equipment, household electrical appliances, medical appliances and others. Learn more about SAFER: #safer #electronics #SaferChemistry #Halogenfree #pfasfree #pfas

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