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FRX Polymers’ Nofia® Named by ChemFORWARD as a Verified SAFER Flame Retardant Solution

May 5, 2022

FRX Polymers is proud to announce ChemFORWARD has named FRX Polymers’ Nofia® As A Verified SAFER Flame Retardant Solution. Last month, FRX Polymers earned ChemFORWARD’s SAFER designation for its Nofia® branded flame retardant solutions by successfully completing a rigorous third-party assessment and verification process that considers both human and environmental safety. This designation further substantiates FRX Polymers position as the globally recognized leader in environmentally sustainable polymeric, non-halogenated flame retardants for a range of consumer and industrial products and applications in electrical & electronics, electric vehicles, transportation, building & construction, fiber & textile, medical devices and other end-use markets.

ChemFORWARD’s SAFERprogram assesses a supplier’s trade name ingredient against rigorous human and environmental impacts using toxicology experts. To be designated as SAFER, all chemicals present at or above 100 ppm have been disclosed and assessed by a qualified toxicology firm against ChemFORWARD’s comprehensive hazard methodology and all chemicals subject to disclosure are well characterized and do not present high hazards.

SAFER™ was designed to help suppliers demonstrate human and environmental safety and build trust with their customers based on a rigorous, third-party process. Choosing ingredients with the ChemFORWARD designation helps designers and formulators to start SAFER.

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