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FRX Polymers® to Highlight Effectiveness of Nofia® Flame Retardants in PC/Polyester Blends at K 2019

Oct 16, 2019

CHELMSFORD, Mass., October 16, 2019 - FRX Polymers, Inc. (FRX), the global leader in polymeric halogen-free flame retardant solutions, will focus on the expanded use of its Nofia® phosphonate halogen-free flame retardants at the K 2019 exhibition, which runs Oct. 16-23, in Düsseldorf, Germany. In Hall 5/C06-01, FRX Polymers will highlight its highly successful application development work utilizing Nofia FRs in polycarbonate/polyester blends for automotive and medical device applications.

FRX Polymers has developed a game-changing product line of polymeric and reactive FR additives to address the global need for sustainable non-halogen flame retardant plastics. After extensive product development work and the opening of a full-scale commercial manufacturing facility in Antwerp, Belgium, FRX has expanded its global footprint for Nofia flame retardants and embarked on an ambitious application development effort. “It’s an exciting time because our enabling technology is successfully being adopted in a wide range of applications for FR polymers,” said Marc-Andre Lebel, President and CEO of FRX Polymers.

FRX Polymers’ most recent development work demonstrates that Nofia FRs can provide a unique balance of properties in PC/polyester blends for automotive interior displays, medical devices, and electronic housing applications. Historically, the medical devices industry has faced tough challenges when trying to provide both flame retardancy and chemical resistance in these blends.

Routine cleaning brings many medical devices into repeated contact with a wide variety of aggressive disinfectant chemicals. Each exposure may contribute to deterioration of the plastic, and can have detrimental effects on part performance. Cleaners such as isopropyl alcohol, bleaches and peroxides may attach to polymer chains of some thermoplastic resins and cause crazing, stress cracking, and even breakage.

Extensive test results show that by using Nofia FR, it is possible to obtain good chemical resistance, higher heat resistance, and high gloss while meeting UL 94 V-0 rating requirements. Further material optimization may be required to meet specific customer needs.

In the electronic housing applications, the incumbent liquid-based phosphorus flame retardants tend to plasticize the plastic resulting in a performance drop in high-temperature resistance. In an era of 5G, cell phones, tablets, automotive electronics, household appliances, and industrial plants are all connected and form an Internet of Things (IoT). IoT drives the increasing demand for greater power and higher data speed transmission for these electronic components, further increasing the need for higher thermal resistance. Nofia Polyphosphonate flame retardants are proven to be the go-to solution for PC/PET-based applications requiring higher heat distortion temperature (HDT) and improved chemical resistance and color matching capabilities.

Nofia Polyphosphonates, FRX Polymers’ polymeric and reactive oligomeric halogen-free flame retardant solutions, replace halogenated flame retardants, which are being phased out due to toxicity concerns. Nofia Polyphosphonates are produced using sustainable green chemistry principles such as a solvent-free production process, no waste by-products, and near 100% atom efficiency. FRX Polymers’ portfolio includes an extensive and growing patent estate. To date, the company has nearly 200 patent applications, of which more than 100 applications have been granted. The company has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the EPA’s Environmental Merit Award, the Belgium Business Award for the Environment, and the Flanders Investment of the Year Award. FRX Polymers was recognized three times on the Global Cleantech 100 list, and has been a three-time Frost and Sullivan Award winner for Innovation and Customer Value Leadership.

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About FRX Polymers

FRX Polymers, Inc. is the global leader in halogen-free polymeric flame retardant solutions, marketed under the Nofia® brand name. Nofia polymers and oligomers are inherently transparent, high flowing, and due to their high phosphorus content, are inherently flame retardant. These environmentally friendly FR solutions are targeted for use in electronics, textiles, building and construction, and transportation applications. Founded in 2007, FRX Polymers operates a pilot plant at its headquarters in Chelmsford, Mass. and a full-scale commercial plant in Antwerp, Belgium. For more information about its products, visit


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