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Data Sheets

Nofia Homopolymers

Nofia homopolymers have an exceptionally high limiting oxygen index of 65%, which makes it particularly well suited to be used as FR additives. Nofia homopolymers are transparent, high flowing polymers with a glass transition temperature of about 105°C. The different grades have different molecular weights. 

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Nofia Copolymers

FRX Polymers’ Nofia copolymers are polyphosphonate-co-carbonates. A range of compositions can be produced from high to low phosphonate content. The copolymers have good impact resistance and glass transition temperatures while maintaining high melt flow and a high limiting oxygen index.  

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Nofia Reactive Oligomers

Nofia OL1001 and Nofia OL3001 oligomers are low molecular weight, reactive flame retardant additives. The oligomers are phosphorus based additives with phenolic end groups suitable for flame retarding thermoset resins, such as unsaturated polyesters, epoxies, polyurethanes and polyureas. They are transparent and highly soluble in the typical solvents used in thermoset resin processing.  

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